James Gibson

James is a sucker for a game that puts him in a constant state of peril. Whether it's hostile weather conditions, an abundance of enemies, or just a battle to get some grub, he's up for the challenge! James is also a huge fan of immersive RPG's, and the occasional sports game for a more casual gaming session. Then when he's not gaming, he's usually flipping guys over his shoulder at Jiu-Jitsu training.

Best Phasmophobia Mods

Best Phasmophobia Mods That Will Breath Life Into Your Ghostly Adventure

In the past few years, a few games have entirely captured the imagination of gamers worldwide for a relatively decent period of time. Games such as The Forest, Among Us, and even Minecraft through a recent resurgence. However, as amazing as all of these games are, the real dark horse that took everyone by surprise …

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Issac Clarke Guide

Issac Clarke Guide

There are few things better in the world of gaming than when we feel truly bonded with our main protagonist; after all, how are we supposed to care about anything that happens to or around our protagonist or player character if we don’t like them or know who they are at their core.  This is …

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games like dayz

Top Games Like DayZ

There are so many games on the market today with thousands and thousands of avid fans and dedicated players that sometimes it is hard to find a suitable game for you. That is why it’s so hard to move on from a game you truly enjoy and have sunk many hours into, even if it …

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best zombie survival games

Best Zombie Survival Games

The gaming industry has long held the survival genre close to its heart. Placing the player in copious, unique, and sometimes terrifying positions via game design has intrigued designers for decades. It should be of no surprise then to find this genre mixing so well with horror elements. These extreme scenarios combine amazingly well with …

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