sons of the forest rope gun guide

Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Guide

Site B has all the dangers of the island from Lost but without the lovely weather and white sandy beaches.

No, I’d wager that the survivors of flight of Oceanic Flight 815 would fair less on Site B with all the Cannibals and Mutants running around!

Thankfully the Rope Gun is an item that can keep you at a football field length away from the horrors that live on the island.

Damn, I can see it now, the Sons of the Forest title slowly panning onto the screen with dark foreboding music to accompany it. Can we make this happen?

I’ve played a silly amount of Sons of the Forest in fact, and the island of Site B has captured me. There are so many interesting locations that hint that people have been coming to the island far before the Puffton corporation purchased the island.

There are bones of monks, hinting that in the past, the island has been linked to demons; there’s rusted buildings and no end to coffins and burial grounds.

It just scratches that mystery part of my brain, and I’m not talking about the main story. I want to understand it all, but since I might as well keep on the theme of the Lost TV show “Kate! We need to go back!”

Sons of the Forest rope gun cave location
Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Cave Location – image by Alex Maksymiw

Key Details Up-Front

Okay, I’ll stop being stupid. You’re here for one reason you want the Rope Gun, and you want it now! I placed all the important details on where to find the Rope Gun and how to use it.

A word of warning although the Rope Gun is one of the first caves you’ll enter in Sons of the Forest, it’s no pushover. It’s very dangerous, so I suggest checking out my guide for it below.

  • The Rope Gun is required for exploring some of the other caves. Collecting the Rope Gun or Rebreather first would be best, depending on whether you get the beach or forest spawn.
  • The Rope Gun Cave is infested with mutants; you must have weapons to defend yourself; otherwise, it’s game over, and if you’re playing on Hard Mode or Survival Hard Mode, bring lots of explosives. However, if you are as nimble as a cat, you can run through the entire cave to get the Rope Gun without engaging in a few fights.
  • You will need Grappling Hooks and Rope to craft ziplines for the Rope Gun. Grappling Hooks can be crafted at 3D Printers for 250ml Printer Resin.
  • The Rope Gun has medium range allowing you to cover hills and cliff edges, but you won’t be able to zipline down the mountain in one go. You can ride a zipline up and down. You must be careful when riding up, as you will come off the zipline if obstacles block you.

The Rope Gun, to me, is one of the strongest gadgets in the game. There is a high level of verticality in Sons of the Forest, and the map is four times the size of the original Forest map. As a result, it can be a chore to get around if you don’t have the Rope Gun or Sled.

Every item has its use, and Endnight Games is not finished with Sons of the Forest yet; they’re just getting started. Recently the team introduced an offroading electric segway, and damn!

It’s super fun to use. You can zip your way across Site B in a breeze, and it’s absolutely hilarious to watch a buddy crash and stumble to the ground.

As I write this article, Endnights Games are working on the next Sons of the Forest update, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.

Why You Need the Rope Gun

Sons of the Forest rope gun in inventory
Sons of the Forest Rope Gun in Inventory – image by Alex Maksymiw

The size of Site B is huge, and navigating the wild terrain can be both time-consuming and dangerous.

There are human-eating cannibals hidden in the trees and ungodly mutants and demons lurking within the hollow cave networks of the island; as time progresses, it only becomes harder to travel around the island as more enemies spawn on the surface. Thats why you need the Rope Gun!

The Rope Gun will shave time off climbing hills or descending mountains giving you more time to prepare for the inevitable hellish army of mutants.

The Rope Gun is also essential for accessing specific caves that hold key items to progress through the story, such as the Shovel Cave.

I used to build a base before delving into the caves and underground bunkers of Sons of the Forest. However, I realized that this was a noob move.

When I switched my strategy to make obtaining key items my main priority, I was much better prepared to build my base and defend myself. Don’t be a noob, and get the Rope Gun early!

Rope Gun Location

  • The Rope Gun cave is found east of the snowy mountain, south of the small lake on the island’s west side. The cave is found right next to the Forest spawn, crashed helicopter, and the Stun Baton.
  • If you have just spawned, you will want to prepare some equipment, such as Spears, and explosives, acquire the Stun Baton, and stock up on armor and meds before entering the cave.

Rope Gun Cave

Sons of the Forest rope gun cave
Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Cave – image by Alex Maksymiw

The first chamber of the Rope Gun Cave is infested with Puffys (they’re the creepy mutants that crawl on all fours and mostly resemble cannibals.

They get their name from the way their entire body pulsates when they breathe). If you are low on armor, you can harvest dead Puffys to acquire Creepy Armor, and there is a mound of bones on the rocks that you jump down from at the cave entrance.

When I first entered this cave, I was terrified. I walked into this chamber to discover several Puffys just standing menacingly. Their lack of facial features may lead you to believe they have terrible senses, but this is far from the case.

Sneaking past them is not an option as they have great hearing, and once one starts running around, they all get triggered. So I recommend you sit on the rock before jumping into the chamber and use your newly crafted spears or acquired Stun Baton.

Healing Supplies in the Rope Gun Cave

Sons of the Forest rope gun cave healing supplies
Sons of the Forest: Rope Gun Cave Healing Supplies – image by Alex Maksymiw

Before you head onto the next area, walk towards the light directly in front of the rock you jumped down from to pick up some meds and the Crucifix, a powerful item in the late game.

You could run past all these enemies but know that a Sluggy Mutant blocks the narrow passage to the next chamber. Thankfully you can blow it up with some explosives found on the nearby dead miner.

The next chamber opens up to more puffies and the cursed fingers mutant. These fingers mutants can inflict heavy damage to you and are one of the main mutant threats you will be facing on the island. No matter what weapons you acquire fingers always pose a threat.

The spawning of enemies in the caves is somewhat random. I’ve encountered one fingers in the room and other times, no mutants. However, just because there are no mutants doesn’t mean they won’t spawn.

I recently ran the cave to prepare for this guide, and three fingers ambushed me in a room that I had cleared, so keep your eyes open; if you are low on supplies, you can always sprint past them.

Mutants Lurk around Every Corner

Sons of the Forest rope gun cave first chamber
Sons of the Forest rope gun cave first chamber – image by Alex Maksymiw

There are a few supplies in this chamber, such as alcohol bottles, meds, and flares which can be found on the dead bodies.

The cave funnels you in one direction, but you’ll know you are advancing when you see a gold mural on the right side of the cave wall. Puffies and fingers usually guard this.

If you plan on running through the cave, you will want to be very careful in this next area, as you will be chased by more fingers, twins, puffies, and baby mutants.

However, the area is open enough to allow you to run passed them. The following area of the Rope Gun Cave is connected through a narrow passageway.

You’re generally safe in this area since enemies are funneled one by one to you. I’d use this area to replenish your stamina, heal and eat if necessary.

The next area has several puffies spawn. However, I have sometimes encountered fingers in this area, albeit very rarely.

The upcoming passageway is the most dangerous area in the cave. Fingers patrol the area making it almost impossible to get by undetected. You will be attacked moving through this area.

Baby Mutants

Sons of the Forest baby mutants
Sons of the Forest: Baby Mutants – image by Alex Maksymiw

In addition, you will have to contend with a swarm of baby mutants. These creepy crawlies will chip away at your health, but it’s more that they will block you from running through the passageway as the puffies and fingers will catch up to you.

In situations like this, I use the environment to my advantage by throwing molotovs and explosives behind me; you’re almost always guaranteed to hit a mutant doing this.

The path will eventually split, allowing you to either travel the right path leading you to some supplies or the left path to carry on through the cave. At this point, you’re close to completing the cave and picking up the Rope Gun; however, there is still one more optional room on the left after you pass the mounds of bones and skulls.

Picking Up the Rope Gun

Sons of the Forest rope gun location
Sons of the Forest Rope Gun location – image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you’ve looted this area, you may have to face a fingers in the upcoming room. This area is hard to maneuver due to the low-hanging ceiling, but it shouldn’t pose too much of an issue as long as you can kill the fingers.

The Rope Gun is in the next room, marked by a stalagmite structure and baby mutants crawling around its base.

The last time I explored this area, there were no fingers mutant. However, in the past, there has always been one guarding the Rope Gun.

Walk up the slope to get to the ledge to find two containers and the Rope Gun. Once you’ve picked up the Rope Gun, use the zipline to descend to the exit of the cave. Be careful, as there are two Twins mutants guarding the exit.

Rope Gun Step-By-Step Guide

Sons of the Forest rope gun tethered to a tree
Sons of the Forest: Rope Gun tethered to a tree – image by Alex Maksymiw

Now that you’ve got the Rope Gun, you will need to know how it works. You don’t want to be riding a zipline up a twenty-foot drop only for you to be kicked off at the top, trust me; I found out the hard way.

Moreover, you don’t want to place your ziplines too steep otherwise; the landing is going to be rough. You can easily slide off a ledge to your death, so ensure you have a safe landing!

To operate the Rope Gun, you aim the white spot at a surface and fire. You then tether the line to a surface. If the zipline glows red, it means you cannot tether the line to that surface.

It usually means that the line is obstructed. If you make a mistake, you can retrieve the line by pressing right-click.

Because the Rope Gun has medium range, you won’t be able to zipline down or up huge distances. However, you can still use it to cover large areas.

You can zig-zag down a mountain and pick up the ziplines behind you. A word of warning though the small areas and ledges on hills and mountains can be tricky to land on. You can often fly off the side of a ledge doing this.

And that leads me to the number one rule of using the Rope Gun for ascending a zipline. You should always aim to have the Rope Gun tethered to an object rather than the floor or cliff edge.

This is because when you ascend, you won’t be able to get over the cliff edge resulting in you falling to your death. 

To ensure you keep your innards intact, tether the zipline to a rock or, even better, a tree. This will give you enough room to clear the ledge.

Rope Gun Base Ideas

Sons of the Forest traversing hill with zipline
Sons of the Forest: Traversing hill with zipline – image by Alex Maksymiw

Keeping your base clear of cannibals and dangerous mutants is essential for your survival. If you don’t deploy traps and build your base in a defendable area, you will likely end up cannibal chow.

Before you go, build the Taj Mahal out of sticks and logs. Consider building a cliffside base; I know it can be a pain to build in these areas due to the uneven ground and the threat of falling to your death.

However, with the Rope Gun at hand, you can create a safe base that is only accessible to you!

Sons of the Forest gives you much freedom to build structures thanks to its crafting overhaul.

So build out your landing platform and use logs to build a frame that gives you the elevation you need to clear the ledge when ascending to your base. Building defensive structures at the landing zone, such as spike walls, will grant you a bit more protection from spawn-killing cannibals.

The Rope Gun isn’t just for shifting your butt up and down a mountain. You can use the zipline to transport logs to areas thats quicker than throwing them or using Kelvin.

To connect a log to a zipline, place it on the zipline, and away it goes. If the zipline leads to your base, consider building Log Storage structures by the bottom of the zipline, as the logs will automatically land in storage.

This lowers the risk of killing Kelvin, Virginia, or any other player on the server.

How to Get Zipline Rope

Sons of the Forest zipline
Sons of the Forest Zipline – image by Alex Maksymiw

The Rope Gun loads Zipline Rope which can be crafted in your inventory with basic rope and Grappling Hooks. Rope can be found all over the island. However, Grappling Hooks are a lot harder to come by.

Grappling Hooks are crafted by using a 3D Printer and cost 250ml of Printer Resin. Don’t fret, though. Just use my simple technique to get access to all the Printer Resin you could ever want.

You can save your game in the Guest Bunker 3D Printer Room and reload the game to refresh all the items in the room, including Printer Resin. This exploit can be used to recover duplicates of any item or weapon in Sons of the Forest.

You don’t have to wait long to start using the Rope Gun, as it should be either the first or second cave you enter in the game. So I highly recommend that you scour the crashed helicopter sites opening crates and boxes as you can find Frag Grenades and even Zipline Rope.

Zipline Zapping Conclusion

In conclusion, we’ve covered that the Rope Gun allows you to quickly traverse hills and cliffs, saving time and avoiding confrontations with cannibals and mutants.

It is also necessary for accessing specific caves and progressing through the game’s story.

While the Rope Gun cave is infested with mutants, careful planning, the use of weapons, and strategic maneuvering can help you acquire the Rope Gun and escape successfully.

Once you have the Rope Gun, you can utilize its capabilities to build a defendable base in cliffside areas, transport logs using ziplines, and improve your overall survival chances. 

That wraps up everything you need to know about the Rope Gun. So go out there and zipline across Site B and pretend your Indiana Jones. Now that would be a hell of a crossover.

Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Guide: FAQs

Question: Can you Kill Enemies with the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest?

Answer: No, although you can aim the Rope Gun crosshair over an enemy and fire a zipline. The zipline will travel through the enemy and hit an object.

On impact, the Rope Gun will trigger a blood effect, but this doesn’t actually damage the enemy. I tested firing the Rope Gun at a puffy and shot it in the head several times without it dying.  So the blood effect must be just an animation.

Question: How Can I Spawn The Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest?

Answer: You can spawn the Rope Gun by enabling cheats. While in-game, type “cheatstick,” followed by pressing the F1 key. This will open up a page filled with cheats. To spawn the Rope Gun, type “spawnitem Ropegun 552”.

Question: When Do Mutants Spawn On The Surface in Sons of the Forest?

Answer: Destroying the wooden planks that block cave entrances allows mutants to start spawning on the surface. However, the chance of this happening early in the game is very low. The more days that pass on the island, the greater the chances of mutants spawning on the surface. There is no exact starting day.

However, I prepare for the mutties spawns after a week. In two weeks, there will be a high presence of mutants on the island. Know that if you play on hard mode, you significantly shorten the time to prepare for the number of mutants and cannibals spawning on the island.

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