Emily Medlock

Emily is a gaming aficionado who has written for The Gamer, Gamerant, GamerBolt, and Valnet, but she has found a home here at Ready Game Survive. She adores writing about Ark: Survival Evolved among other great survival titles, and outside of traditional survival, she loves Legend of Zelda, League of Legends and Fable.

Valheim Boats Guide

Valheim Boats Guide

A Valheim boats guide is just what I needed whenever I was assigned the task of getting my crew off the first island. There is no other way to travel across the waters in Valheim, so this was a big job when I first started playing. However, I quickly understood how sailing worked and when …

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Valheim Silver Guide

Valheim Silver Guide – Where It Is and When You Need It

A Valheim silver guide will prove useful before you reach the Mountains biome. At the beginning of the game, learning about Silver can be confusing, and if you’ve made it to the Plains, you have skipped the silver phase and should probably go back. I’ve played Valheim since early access launch, and I have learned a lot. Including the …

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