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Sons of the Forest Winter Jacket Guide: Staying Warm & Protected against Hostile Terrain

Sons of the Forest is full of challenges; first and foremost are the hostile mutants that want to rip your flesh off for a tasty snack, but there are more subtle dangers to be mindful of to optimize your playthrough.

These can be addressed through various stat-boosting items that give you much-needed resiliency. In this case, we are discussing the bitter cold, and we all know nature can be as cruel as it is beautiful in the real world.

It’s the same on this breathtaking yet hostile terrain that shifts seasons and gives you anxiety when Winter strikes, chilling fear into your heart.

The Winter Jacket is your best solution for dealing with this reality, and it’s advantageous to stay bundled up so your heart doesn’t stop. It’s beneficial during the Winter and is arguably necessary if you wish to stay alive.

If you prefer freezing to death unexpectedly to make a convenient frozen meal for a cannibal, don’t pick it up. Although, keep in mind death by cold will take a few days in that status.

However, if you love surviving and thriving through the harsh weather and beating the game, listen up because I’m your dependable guide to understanding the importance of this item and all the details surrounding its benefits.

Let’s bundle up and explore the facets of the Sons of the Forest Winter Jacket and where you can find it.

winter jacket location

Bottom Line Up Front

The Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest is essential for enduring and surviving a chilling situation.

It can be picked up early in the game without obstacles and will serve you well when visiting the large mountain or when Winter arrives. It increases your stats and is southwest of Snowy Mountain between two lakes.

Details of the exact location will be discussed later. You need the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest to stay warm.

Aside from that, it has some hidden benefits, like the ability to explore more dangerous areas and acquire some weapons, items, & valuable resources. It’s also a stylish accessory that makes it a welcome game addition.

The Winter Jacket Explained

So what is the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest? Well, the name is self-explanatory, but here is the overview.

It’s a collectible item you can obtain that will keep you nice and warm when traversing the environment during the Winter but also when exploring mountainous terrain.

The main problem with not being prepared for this eventuality is that your energy bar will suffer immensely due to the crippling temperatures.

It would help if you protect yourself, and that’s where the satisfaction comes from obtaining this item and surviving the inhospitable conditions. Sons of the Forest has specialized gear for various functions within versatile environments.

This is one of the unique realistic features of the game that I enjoy, and they’re well worth the time and effort for their perks to survive better and increase efficiency.

If you want to stay warm while scavenging, this will save you the stress of your energy bar dwindling like there’s no tomorrow. It’s irritating when that happens, so trust me that it’s the way to save yourself that numbing anxiety.

sons of the forest winter jacket

How to Find the Winter Jacket

Using the GPS tracker is your best bet when discovering the Winter Jacket and any other item, but you don’t need it when you have me. Still, I encourage you to try it and play the game as intended.

Otherwise, check out the map above and travel to that exact location to get it. You want to go to the lake southwest to the Snowy Mountain between two bodies of water.

When you get close to this point, be on the lookout for a large picturesque waterfall located north of the middle area of the lake.

Look for a distinct dirt path with two bright orange tents and three ominous caskets. A clue you’re in the right place is that some new music will begin to accompany the scene.

Now make your way into the camp and search for the orange tent facing the river, and there will be a craftable spear next to it.

If you want to find it yourself, a pro tip is to use the GPS to zoom in and examine your position by comparing it to the map. Inside the tent is a skeleton that no longer needs the winter jacket; rest in peace.

Still, his jacket is available right next to it. Pick it up, and presto, you have just attained one of the most vital items in the game!

Ensure not to neglect scavenging the rest of the area while you’re there and in general. Now you can feel more confident in colder temperatures after equipping this helpful piece of clothing.

Why You Need the Winter Jacket


It Helps You Keep Warm

This one is a given, but it doesn’t diminish the importance of suiting up for the Winter, especially when traveling from your base to hunt for resources and supplies.

The Winter Jacket will insulate your body and fight off the cold while increasing resiliency to the “cold & wet” status. Coupled with making a fire is highly effective for traveling long distances in the cold to gain the most from your playthrough without worry.

It will also help preserve your stamina gauge, which would be a nightmare in places like Snowy Mountain.

If you’re going to explore this area and fight the Winter, you logically need to stay warm, and that’s the function of this crucial item that helps you survive. There will be many instances where the wetness and colder conditions will threaten you.

Gives a Stylish & Fresh Appearance

Although the game is only in first person, you can still see the sleeves of your new Winter Jacket after getting it. It has visual appeal and is suitable for extreme conditions.

It also helps your psyche endure the many trials ahead, and snowy weather is one of them. You will enjoy this aesthetic jacket while it keeps you warm, and it’s always fun finding new apparel worldwide that gives you stat buffs.

It’s a double win here, so there’s no reason to neglect it. Other collectible outfits are worth considering picking up too.

You might need that tuxedo for your anticipated cannibal wedding, of course. This is a list of them in case you want to increase your survivability further!

  • Blazer
  • Camo Suit
  • Hoodie
  • Dress
  • Leather Suit
  • Leather Jacket
  • Tracksuit
  • Pajamas
  • Tuxedo
  • Winter Jacket
  • Wetsuit

Scavenging Resources, Tools, & Weapons in Cold Conditions

I find this benefit particularly useful when picking up the Winter Jacket. Scavenging for weapons, armor, resources, tools, and collectible clothing increases your potential.

You can travel through the Winter better and stay alive easier without becoming a human popsicle. And yes, the mutants will be looking forward to that.

The winter months become a breath of warm air and will pass by in no time so you can resume your life. Make sure to take that vitamin D3 too. Just kidding, that’s not in the game, but it’s still advised.

Like many, this survival game rewards a higher frequency of gathering resources in places where they’re harder to get. You will also save yourself the stress of Winter sneaking up on you while ill-prepared.

You’ll have plenty of resources to make it through the story and will become wet & cold far less often. Checking the threat of cold climates off the list means you can explore more and safely pick up everything.

Winter Jacket Stats

  • Durability: None
  • Max Carried: 1
  • Warmth: High
  • Comfort: Low-moderate
  • Water Resistance: Low
  • Grade: Ultra-Rare

Collect all possible articles of clothing in Sons of the Forest

Conclusion: The Winter Jacket Is the Best Item for Staying Warm in Cold Climates

winter jacket on

Winter is lurking around the corner during your campaign, and it’s unavoidable. You’ll eventually have to face the glacial embrace of mother nature as she sincerely attempts to kill you.

This reality calls for you to take action, and in this case, it’s not very much, so you might as well take the initiative and look for this collectible item that will keep you alive for the long term without excessive wintry struggles. Take it from Leon S. Kennedy; the jacket is everything.

You won’t need it in the warmer months, but you should rock it to stay safe when things get unbearable.

The Winter Jacket is a collectible item you should strongly consider, but I won’t tell you what to do; it’s your playthrough. You may even wish to try out a challenge without using it, and that’s doable, considering there are other ways to keep warm in Sons of the Forest!

Now you know the benefits and where to locate this critical item. I have been honored to walk you through the process. Keep surviving and stay warm out there. Jack Frost isn’t messing around!

Sons of the Forest Winter Jacket Guide: FAQs

Question: Is Winter the only time you’ll need the Jacket in Sons of the Forest?

Answer: There are four seasons in Sons of the Forest, but that’s not the only factor. Specific mountain ranges are frigid and can be problematic for staying warm.

It’s best to acquire a winter jacket so you aren’t in a panic throughout your game. There is a massive mountain in the middle of the map that you’ll likely stumble on at some point, and these temperatures are consistent year-round.

Do yourself a solid and pick up the jacket to traverse these areas and gain an advantage.

Question: How early do you obtain the winter jacket?

Answer: The winter jacket can be obtained early in the game and will be available almost immediately.

It’s important not to neglect this little detail or face the freezing consequences later on. Consider how cold it is in below-zero temperatures, even with a jacket.

The last thing you want is death by cold in Sons of the Forest, so take advantage of its early availability, and it will serve you well for the whole game.

Question: Do you have to go to great lengths to get the winter jacket?

Answer: Honestly, you barely have to do anything to get the winter jacket, and there is no convoluted process with excessive tool requirements like with some other items. No caverns or dark depths need exploring, and that’s a comforting fact if you hate going out of your way.

The winter jacket is located at a specific open location when referencing the overworld map, and you can easily pick it up in a few minutes, so go for it so your blood doesn’t freeze!

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