Dead by Daylight Funko Pop Guide: Artful Miniatures For Die-Hard Fans!

Funko pops have had many loyal fans for years, and only the most popular characters are miniaturized into these cute variations that can uplift your mood. Just gazing at them puts you in a better mood, and you might even decide to place them in a special collectors case if you’re serious about preserving them.

I can’t resist opening the box and putting them in convenient places to make me smile daily. I’m very excited about the anticipated release of the four Dead By Daylight Funko Pops, and every player in the Fog will benefit from collecting them all!

They were initially announced during the 6th-anniversary stream to be released “before the end of the year,” but manufacturing can be complicated and unpredictable in the current state of the world. You should expect to see them released soon, though, and they will make an excellent addition to any home to reflect your DBD pride!

At the very least, we know what characters will appear as Funko Pops shortly. Let’s get funky and take a look at them individually together! Don’t be afraid of the dark; I brought a flashlight with an odd bulb and rubber grip.

Bottom Line Up Front

Dead By Daylight Funko Pops are an exciting treat for serious collectors and devoted players. Earlier This year, Director Mathieu Côté announced that they would be released by the end of 2022, but it might be in early 2023 since we are at the end of the year.

Regardless, they are officially confirmed to be released very soon. Four iconic original characters from the popular horror game will be available, and they include: 

  • The Huntress
  • The Wraith
  • The Doctor
  • Claudette Morel

The First Wave Of DBD Funko Pops

The Huntress

The Huntress funko pops

The Huntress, an original character from Dead By Daylight, is known for her dreadful broken & bloody bunny mask while she solemnly hums her lullaby of death. She is one of the long-range killers and gruesomely hurls hatchets at unsuspecting survivors while they run for their lives. Stay sharp and look for her Funko Pop because it will be incredible!

From the artwork blueprints released by the director, we can surmise that she will dual-wield hatchets with the same blood-stained mask that we all know and adore. Her details also look meticulously crafted to capture her disturbing presence. If you thought she was a cute killer before, wait until you see her in miniature Funko Pop form!

The Wraith

The Wraith is one of the game’s most chilling and elusive killers, with a distinct power that renders him invisible.

You can expect his Funko Pop figure to be true to the iconic design with his deadly skull weapon in one hand and the skull bell that strikes terror into survivors’ hearts upon hearing its deadly toll. He has haunted many matches and will compliment your gaming space with a pleasantly eerie aura.

Based on the released design templates, which aren’t set in stone, it looks like the Wraith will have an appealing and accurate presence down to the last detail.

This includes the white marks on the face, bandaged waist, and head resembling a dead tree’s branches. His Funko Pop might be invisible now, but expect this deadly killer to reveal himself soon with a surprise attack!

The Doctor

In the past, there were the staple monsters like Dracula, the Wolfman, and Creature From The Black Lagoon. Dead By Daylight has brought us unique modern killers like the Doctor, who has operated as the embodiment of genuinely sadistic and raw terror.

This Funko Pop collection wouldn’t be complete without one of the defining killers of the franchise with his demented forced smile and fixed eyes that never blink.

Every detail of the Doctor will be present, from his torturous electric stick to his maniacal and disturbing facial surgical apparatus. He’s still a work in progress, but I expect it to be one of the most detailed Funko Pops today because of his design. The released artwork even has him wielding the shock therapy attack, a fantastic idea I hope they bring to fruition.

Claudette Morel

Claudette Morel is the only survivor to be released in the new Dead By Daylight Funko Pop batch, but more could be released in the future. She is one of the most beloved survivors because of her ability to heal and use wonderful perks that benefit the team. There are many Claudette players, and she will be a popular option for survivor mains.

The details from the design are true to her character with the defining glasses and a sense of style. Her stance gives the vibe of vigilance and empathy. I’m looking forward to getting her collectible and hiding her in a tall grass prop while evading the killer and looking for injured survivors to heal. I’m confident she will be true to her character with a comforting and hopeful presence.

DBD Funko Pop Honorable Mentions

Dead By Daylight is known for having licensed killers and survivors from other franchises, and this means you can pick up some Funko Pops that are part of the game.

Some examples include Leatherface, Pinhead, Freddy Krueger, Leon Kennedy, and many more to explore here. These can be found online and will help you add more characters featured in DBD to your collection.

It’s an ideal way to whet your appetite before the anticipated release of the first wave of original characters from the lore. There is great satisfaction in building your collection, and I’m here to help you find the best ones from both killer and survivor classes.

They will look great next to the four characters we discussed and enhance your space with delightful additions from the Fog and beyond. Let’s explore what makes each Funko Pop character a worthy purchase!

Licensed DBD Killer Funko Pops


Leatherface funko pop

It was an exciting day when Dead By Daylight added Leatherface to the killer cast, and now you can add him to your Funko Pop collection. The skin mask is accurate, with precise detailing of the stitching across the head. The mask slightly droops over the eyes and makes him a distinct Funko Pop because they are usually entirely round.

His teeth are jagged, and he sports the iconic bloody apron with a tie. Leatherface wouldn’t be complete without his deadly chainsaw, and it brings the look together perfectly. This figure is perfect for fans of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and if you play Dead By Daylight!


pinhead funko pop

Most horror fanatics have enjoyed the movie Hellraiser, and Dead By Daylight recently obtained the license to add Pinhead to the Fog. His Funko Pop perfectly accurately depicts his character with the gruesome metallic pain-inducing pins around his head and a blank, merciless glare.

His dark trench coat is meticulously detailed to capture his sophisticated quality and exudes hellish authority. The cherry on top is he wields the mysterious puzzle box found in the movie and within Dead By Daylight. This is a very impressive Funko Pop stylized with high quality and precision for devoted fans.

Freddy Krueger

freddy krueger funko pop

Freddy Krueger is one of the most feared killers in the horror archives and a fantastic character in DBD. He’s one of my favorites because of his insane control over the generators on any map. This Funko Pop has all his details, from the slick brown Fedora to his gleaming and deadly knife glove.

My favorite part about this figure is they nailed the burned and scarred face that Freddy Krueger is most known for. They even got the details right with his wrinkled and damaged striped Christmas sweater. The colors are vibrant and contrast nicely to bring the character to life, making it a great gift or collector’s item!

The Demogorgon

demogorgon funko pop

Stranger Things has been trendy, so it’s no surprise that the dreadful Demogorgon was added to the Dead By Daylight Killer list. There are two variations you can consider purchasing, and they include the open or closed-mouthed versions.

I think the open-mouthed looks the most interesting, and it has incredible details and colors that are true to this mysterious character.

The teeth are perfectly executed and symmetrical, with a horrific impression that’s mesmerizing and artful. The Demogorgon Funko Pop is an excellent addition to your collection and will look great next to the matching survivors featured in Dead By Daylight! His pose is appropriate and menacing while capturing his alien stance.

Michael Myers

michael myers funko pop

Your Funko Pop DBD horror collection wouldn’t be the same without Michael Myers lurking in the shadows. You can have a lot of fun with this figure by placing him in unsuspecting locations to surprise friends and give them a good laugh. There’s something ominous about his spooky dead gaze from behind the white mask in Funko Pop form, and the hair is realistic and detailed.

Of course, it features his iconic large kitchen knife from the Halloween movies, and it’s more of a passive stance than attacking.

I like the details around the eyes that add an extra dimension and make it look like his creepy mask. The wrinkles on his jumpsuit are also spot-on. This Funko Pop will stalk your collection and is a staple classic if you love horror.

Ghost Face

funko pop Ghost Face

Ghost Face is another classic killer that will be perfect for your Funko Pop collection! He started stalking the Fog a while back and has been a fun addition to Dead By Daylight. This miniature version is highly detailed and gives off a chilling vibe.

The face is appropriately detailed and gives off that sad, haunting aura everyone will recognize. He wields his bloody tactical blade in a threatening killer pose, as portrayed in the Scream movies and DBD.

My favorite part about this Funko Pop is his highly detailed timeless cloak with an intricate design that flows seamlessly and reflects his character. The eyes are all black and disturbing, giving off a sense of dread even in the form of a doll.

He would look good in sneaky, subtle locations around any space. I also like the detailing on the boots with nicely designed laces and a glossy finish.

Jigsaw’s Doll

jigsaw funko pop

Jigsaw isn’t a killer in Dead By Daylight, but technically, he’s not a killer in the movies. Still, he’s in DBD when you play as the Pig and sits on top of trap puzzle boxes while giving a taunting laugh when you fail skill checks or don’t get released. The Saw chapter is one of my favorites, and this Jigsaw Funko Pop will make a spooky addition to your collection.

The creepy red eyes and cheek spirals are impeccably accurate with his long black hair and intimidating presence. This Funko Pop has a demented smile with a threatening expression that is true to the movies and Dead By Daylight when attempting to unlock reverse bear traps. Billy is the doll’s name, and he would look great with props like placing on top of a generator of his famous tricycle.


nemesis funko pop

The Nemesis Funko Pop is more coveted and expensive, but there’s a deal for him at for a majorly reduced price.

Unfortunately, he’s currently out of stock, but it’s worth keeping an eye on to save some money. Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for a higher price on Amazon, which is currently available for purchase. This is a nice Funko Pop for serious Resident Evil Fans who enjoy Dead By Daylight.

He was added as the T-type, so there are some differences in appearance. It still looks impressive with his stitched head and intimidating exposed teeth. He carries a rocket launcher and has superb detailing around the eyes. Bullets around his waist with silver detailing make this one really pop!

Licensed DBD Survivor Funko Pops

Leon Kennedy

Leon kennedy funko pop

Players were ecstatic when the news of Resident evil coming to Dead By Daylight hit their ears, and Leon Kennedy was at the forefront of the release.

He’s a personal favorite of mine and many other franchise fanatics. His Funko Pop is worth considering because of the dead-on hairstyle and iconic brown coat from Resident Evil 4. Getting his miniature is a convenient way to gear up for the upcoming remake.

Leon comes wielding his memorable shotgun in both hands, and you’ll be impressed by the details on his coat and pants. Leon Kennedy is one of the most exciting survivors with his ability to initiate offensive maneuvers with a flashbang for the first time in DBD history. He has changed the dynamic along with Nemesis, and they will look perfect together in your collection.

Jill Valentine

Jill valentine funko pop

Jill Valentine is one of those Funko Pops worth considering for serious collectors because she’s a bit pricey. DBD introduced her along with Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy earlier this year, and it has been a blast playing these characters. This Funko Pop features her wearing a beret from the stars unit and looks very stylish. Her curvy figure is accented with all the tactical gear.

The game features her in a different costume, but it’s still worth considering because she looks incredible. Jill Valentine wields her pistol at the side and has a pose that is true to her character in the series.

Based on my research, this is the only variation of Jill currently available in Funko Pop form, and it’s worth the purchase if you want to complete your Resident Evil collection and have a beloved survivor from DBD.

Ashley Williams

ashley williams funko pop

If I could describe this Funko Pop in one word, it would be “groovy,” as Ashley Williams would say. Ash is from the Evil Dead Franchise and made his way into Dead By Daylight. His Funko Pop looks stylish and portrays his character accurately with the suave hairstyle and v-neck shirt.

He wields his chainsaw from the series, but that’s not the case in Dead By Daylight because that’s the killer’s job. This Ash Funko Pop is impressive and has nice coloration with an attractive vibe for fans. He’s affordable and a great way to celebrate the anniversary of Evil Dead and his entry into the Fog. He will look fitting next to all the skilled survivors featured in horror movies and collectively in DBD.

Steve Harrington

Steve harrington funko pop

If you decide to get the Demogorgon, you might as well pick up the accompanying survivors to complete the set so it has the appropriate vibe. The Steve Harrington Funko Pop makes a great addition, and it portrays him from season four of Stranger Things with the sledgehammer.  His hair has excellent aesthetic appeal and coloration, with appropriate clothing that looks perfect.

My favorite part of this Funko Pop is the excellent detailing on the boots that bring his look together. He comes with a collector case so you can preserve the integrity of your Funko Pop over time and maintain value. Overall, he is stylized and executed well with the fans in mind.

Nancy Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler funko pop

The product listed here contains an additional Funko Pop for Nancy Wheeler, so you get her and Robin. She looks slightly different in Dead By Daylight, but it’s still worth considering because they will only release original characters for DBD Funko pops. Her hair looks very nice and has impeccable detailing, along with her stylish clothing with lighter colors.

Robin isn’t featured in DBD, but getting two for one with this bundle is nice. The Stranger Things chapter was exciting, and it’s rewarding and fun to collect souvenirs that reflect your passion for the popular horror series. Note that another variation of Nancy Wheeler on Amazon wielding a gun is far more expensive than the bundle.

Why You Should Collect Them All

If you love DBD, it would be best to collect them all for a complete collection. This is especially true if you’re a collector looking to keep the set in pristine condition. There’s something more satisfying about having them all. I know I’ll be picking these up, and there’s possibly a discount for purchasing them all at once.

Generally, Funko Pops are affordable, so it makes sense to buy the whole set. I suggest you try pairing and arranging them creatively with additional props from the game to make a killer display. Why buy one Dead By Daylight Funko Pop when you can have four? I know my day will be brighter seeing them and remembering the good times in one of my favorite horror games. They may not be around forever; getting them all will ensure no regrets.

They make excellent gifts and conversation starters for game fans and can be placed anywhere! Collecting all these characters will give you miniatures that could be worth a lot in the future when they stop manufacturing them.

When they release, I’ll pick up the original characters because they’re special and unique to Dead By daylight. I encourage you to do the same to feed your obsession with one of the best horror games ever. The Entity will be pleased with your devotion!



Question: When will Dead By Daylight Funko Pops be released?

Answer: They have no official release date yet for them, but Director Mathieu Côté has said they should be released before the end of 2022. If not, expect them early in 2023. It takes time to design these and get them ready for sale, so expect great things.

Question: What will these Funko Pops look like?

Answer: As you might imagine, these Dead By Daylight Funko Pops will be cute renditions of their otherwise horrific counterparts. They can be conveniently placed with your collection or on your console to accompany you when loading a match. Their iconic presence will remind you of your love for Dead By Daylight while stimulating feelings of nostalgic awe.

Question: Are there any designs available for viewing currently?

Answer: Mathieu Côté has been gracious enough to release some preliminary designs so you can get an idea of what to expect. However, these are not final and should be taken with a grain of salt. Based on the artwork, I’m confident they will be a smashing success with intricate detailing and features that are true to each Dead By Daylight character!

Conclusion: Dead By Daylight Funko Pops Will Be Spooky Additions To Your Horror Collection!

Now you know about the highly anticipated release of Dead By Daylight Funko Pops, so be sure to keep your eye out for their inevitable release!

It’s exciting to know they will be highly detailed and accurate to each character with a Funko Pop vibe that is adorable and crafted faithfully. I expect great things from these, and you should too, given the widespread popularity of Dead By Daylight.

Despite the delays they’ve been experiencing, it’s encouraging to know they will undoubtedly be released. In the meantime, you can keep playing to increase your appreciation for each of them and enjoy their traits.

This will likely be the first wave of many more DBD Funko Pops, so get ready for more awe-inspiring releases after this batch. There are many more original characters to create, so keep your eyes pried open like the Doctor!

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