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The Callisto Protocol, developed by Striking Distance Studios, is the latest high-profile game to be released in the survival horror genre. Following in the spiritual footsteps of Dead Space, The Callisto Protocol puts players in control of Jacob Lee, a cargo pilot who’s been wrongfully imprisoned within Black Iron Prison. It’s a game heavy with themes of guilt, regret, and revenge, and during Jacob’s journey towards freedom, he will do many things he thought impossible not so long ago.

From sloughing through sci-fi septic tanks full of raw sewage to creeping through solitary confinement, Jacob does whatever it takes to make it off the death-filled moon of Callisto. And one thing he learns to do early on is harvest implants from dead guards, doctors, and inmates throughout Black Iron Prison.

If you want to know everything there is to know about the Callisto Protocol–or protocols that came before it–you’ll want to collect all of the implant bios throughout the game. That’s a big order, but that’s why I’m here.

I’ve collected all the logs, all the implants, and all the schematics. I’ve seen everything Callisto has to offer. I stared into the abyss, and it didn’t stare back.

So here’s my guide for The Callisto Protocol implant bio locations.

the callisto protocol cargo
Image by Victor Espinosa

Key Info Up Front

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind real quick:

  • These are only some of the collectibles in the game.
  • These are not audio logs.
  • You will not get a trophy after collecting these; you’ll need all audio logs and collectibles to get that.
  • This will get you a bio on every person in the game, and once completed, you’re halfway towards getting the Grim Reaper trophy.
callisto atmosphere
Image by Victor Espinosa

There are eight chapters in The Callisto Protocol, each one with a unique environment and atmosphere for players to explore. The number of implant bios differs depending on who you ask. Some gamers say there are only 20, others say there are 23, and still others say 25.

If you’re aiming to get the Grim Reaper trophy/achievement, that’s only unlocked after getting every collectible item in the game. There are 43 in total. That’s because implant bios, data logs, and audio logs are all different things. It’s somewhat confusing, and the game doesn’t have a straightforward way of tracking each category separately, so there’s no way to put the argument to bed definitively.

This guide also assumes you know how to handle yourself against Callisto’s enemies. While they aren’t as varied as Dead Space’s menagerie of enemies, they are fierce and wild. 

I’m listing 28 implant bios in this guide, one for every character in the game. Some characters have multiple logs, but we’re not going to focus on multiple logs for the same character. This guide will ensure that you have at least one entry for every person possible in the game. It will not count every audio or data log but will open the initial bio for each character.

In pursuing these logs, I may give a relatively complete walkthrough of the game. I will avoid spoilers as much as possible. I’ve separated each chapter into a brief summary followed by the steps and locations of each bio.

Here we go.


Jacob Lee

jacob lee
Image by Victor Espinosa

The game is just getting started, and after a few exposition cutscenes, we take control of Jacob Lee and take our first steps in Callisto Protocol. You don’t have to go far to get your first bio, which happens to be for yourself. You won’t get a chance to grab Jacob’s bio at any other point in the game, so make sure you check his room and pick up what you find.

Cargo is mostly cinematics, so sit back and enjoy the rest.


The fun has finally begun.

Outbreak takes place during the first few hours of the Biophage infection inside Black Iron Prison. Players will get their first taste of combat, healing, and dodging. They’ll also have the opportunity to pick up three bios if they search diligently.

Dr. Mahler

dr mahler
Image by Victor Espinosa

While sneaking through solitary confinement, players must get past a patrolling Security Bot. After a sequence where players hide behind overturned hospital beds, they’ll enter a room with the title Surgery M112 above the door. Inside is a chest and the first entry for Dr. Mahler.

Elias Porter

elias porter
Image by Victor Espinosa

After you’ve survived solitary and medical, you’ll reenter the prison. But now that you’ve released Elias and some others, you can backtrack where you’ve been for a few items and enemy encounters. If you make it back to Elias’ cell, you’ll find his bio.

Captain Leon Ferris

captain leon ferris
Image by Victor Espinosa

One of the last obstacles to escaping the cell block where Jacob first awakes is getting past that professional asshole, Captain Ferris. A cutscene will trigger where Jacob and Ferris fight each other, ending with Ferris leaving the scene in a hurry. Before you exit the room, head over to the table Ferris was standing over for his bio.


While Outbreak did introduce players to some of the game’s mechanics, we are far from fully acquainted. In this chapter, we’ll learn more about combat, meet some new enemies, and get a ton of bios. Aftermath takes place, you guessed it, in the aftermath of the outbreak. So clever.

Sergeant Eric Jane

sergeant eric jane
Image by Victor Espinosa

You’ll have to progress through the level a bit before you get to your first implant. That means don’t worry about missing anything besides health or ammo; you can just focus on surviving. Sgt. Eric Jane’s implant is needed to progress the story. After you try accessing the door to Laundry B202, you’ll need to find an access implant. Head back toward the broken-down Security Bot, and you’ll find Eric.

Officer First Class Pruitt Matos

officer first class pruitt matos
Image by Victor Espinosa

Laundry B202 is a washing factory for all the inmate’s clothes. Head through till you come to a fork in the road: a door leading left and right. Head right and you’ll find a room lined with old-fashioned washing machines. Head back and to the left, and you’ll discover Ofc. Pruitt Matos among the dirty laundry.

Duncan Cole

duncan cole
Image by Victor Espinosa

After progressing past Pruitt Matos, you’ll come to a door labeled Maintenance B414. Don’t go through it. There are air vents in the room before it; climb through them. You’ll face a few enemies, but you need to progress until you find a hole in the concrete floor that you can drop through. Drop down, follow the stairs, and keep going till you find a doorway you can squeeze through. Beyond is Secret Room #1 and the bio for Warden Duncan Cole.

Dr. Ewan Hayes

dr ewan hayes
Image by Victor Espinosa

Make your way out of solitary confinement and head towards medical. Not even ten steps into medical, you’ll find the bio for Dr. Ewan Hayes on his still-warm corpse. It’s lying on the right side of the path next to some patient rooms. 

Officer First Class Dachs Symmons

officer first class dachs symmons
Image by Victor Espinosa

Progress all the way through medical until you come to more maintenance rooms. You’ll eventually enter a room that is incredibly gory and doesn’t make any sense in the context of the game. But I guess they just wanted to gross people out.

Anyway, avoid the hanging corpses and make your way through the room. You’ll find Ofc. Dachs Symmons’ bio on the floor next to his body.

Officer First Class Kerry Brown

officer first class kerry brown
Image by Victor Espinosa

Did you see the cutscene with Jacob on the top of the elevator, struggling with the brakes? Did you have to fight off one of those demon giraffes? Then you’re on the right path. Keep going until you find some environmental hazards, namely, a giant industrial fan. On the other side of the fan is Ofc. Kerry Brown. And a few enemies will ambush you, so be careful.

Tadhg Song

tadhg song
Image by Victor Espinosa

We are approaching the end of the chapter, and thank goodness. Reunite with Elias, and he’ll tell you what’s needed to access the SHU. Take a few stairs down, hit the Reforge, and you’ll need to take a gondola across to the SHU unit.

When the doors open, you’ll have a few enemies already waiting for you inside. Deal with them, then climb the boxes to the room’s second floor. You’ll find Tadhg Song’s body and bio.

Dani Nakamura

dani nakamura
Image by Victor Espinosa

Continue through the story until you get a cutscene with Elias and Dani talking to Jacob through prison bars. Jacob will be trapped in Dani’s cell until the SHU stops moving. Take the time to look around and pick up Dani’s bio.


After Jacob puts some distance between himself and the worst of Black Iron, he needs to enter a habitation dome to access a tram station that will ferry him to safety. The chapter introduces players to the Big Mouth Biophage and throws plenty of challenging fights their way.

Officer First Class Bruno Vorenus

officer first class bruno vorenus
Image by Victor Espinosa

The first implant bio is a fair trek into the chapter, so focus on combat and item gathering. Once you’ve been introduced to the Big Mouth, you’ll enter a large chamber with two gates busted. You’ll need to replace each with a new gate fuse in order to unlock the next door, Access Hall H217. Right next to the door for Access Hall H217 is Ofc. Bruno Vorenus’ body. It blends in with all others, so don’t miss it.

Officer First Class James Reese

officer first class james reese
Image by Victor Espinosa

If you’re following the story the way you should, you probably met the tentacle mutation versions of Biophage enemies. Aren’t they nice? In case you didn’t read the messages on the walls, shoot the tentacles. And in case you don’t believe me, you’ll find Ofc. James Reese’s body and bio. Why just his body? Because he didn’t shoot the tentacles.

Sargeant Bill Pekelo

sargeant bill pekelo
Image by Victor Espinosa

Bill was a Sargeant, which means he had some authority. He had so much authority that he’s the one responsible for locking down the tram unit to prevent the Biophage from spreading any further. Which means you’ll need his implant to unlock the tram unit and continue the story. You’ll find Bill’s implant in the Oxygen Processing area. Crawl under some pipes and through a few vents, and you’ll find his implant as soon as you stand up straight.


Now that you’re properly suited up for the sci-fi hazards that await you outside Black Iron Prison, it’s time to explore outside the dome. Say goodbye to Elias, say hello to Dani, and always watch your back. The Lost chapter takes players out into the snow-covered lands that encircle Black Iron. At this point, players have several weapons and might even have fully upgraded one of them. The game will not be easy; challenges start to get frustrating at this point.

Richard Cids

richard cids
Image by Victor Espinosa

Make your way through the winter wonderland that is Callisto and avoid the potential deaths that await you. There will be plenty of enemies, so make sure to use your combos, kids. After a bit of trekking, you’ll enter an open area with supply containers littering the center.

A trapped worker in a nearby office calls out to you, saying you can activate the Snowcat so you both can escape. In the process of starting the Snowcat, the worker dies. If you enter the office where he was hiding, you’ll find his implant bio.

Leutenant Devon Wayne

leutenant devon wayne
Image by Victor Espinosa

And we’re moving right along with the horrifying story of The Callisto Protocol. Did you meet Dani again? Was she impressed by your Biophage murdering skills? Did she hand you a Riot Gun? Good, we’re on the right path. Starting from the room where Dani hands you the Riot Gun, head upstairs. You’ll find Lt. Devon Wayne on the ground.

Officer First Class Aaron Taycho

officer first class aaron taycho
Image by Victor Espinosa

Aaron is stuck squarely in the path of the main story. Continue along with the game until you enter a Power Station–it will follow several gate fuse obstacles. Upon entering the Power Station, you’ll realize something is preventing the power from flowing the way it should. Search around until you find a body sticking out of a power turbine. The body belongs to Ofc. Aaron Taycho. Grab his implant, and his body will fall apart, freeing the turbine.

Max Barrow

max barrow
Image by Victor Espinosa

We’ve come full circle. It turns out Dani isn’t being entirely straight with us, but we only find this out upon returning to our crashed ship. Take this time to search Max’s room, and you’ll get his bio.

Sargeant Scott Dvinty

sargeant scott dvinty
Image by Victor Espinosa

Scott is hiding under an overturned vehicle. You’ll find him after you let Dani do her thing and see a few cutscenes. Before you both enter the elevator that will take you up to the flight platform, search around the room. You’ll only find half of Scott, but that’s enough.


We are steadily putting the pieces of the puzzle together now. Callisto’s dark history, the truth of Black Iron Prison, and the mystery of the Biophage are all starting to make sense. Sort of. Below features Jacob and Dani finally working together in harmony. They’re on the same team now, and they’re unstoppable.

Except for when they’re separated.

Below takes Jacob on a journey a little too similar to Issac Clarke’s: fix everything that’s broken. The generator, the comms, the life-support. All of it. Thankfully, there are only two implants in this chapter.

Dr. Sheehan Yune

dr sheehan yune
Image by Victor Espinosa

During this part, you’ll be battling hordes of blind Biophage enemies–the Blinded. Luckily, they are super easy to kill. And even if things go wrong, spikes and explosive canisters are everywhere. You should be fine. After finding the Power Tunnels keycard, located on the Transport Platform deep underground, you’ll head into the Power Tunnels in search of the power reactor.

You’ll come to a fork in the path right before the reactor; the reactor is to the left, and Dr. Yune’s body is at the end of the path to the left.

Arden Jeddha

arden jeddha
Image by Victor Espinosa

Guess who’s fighting a Two-Head?

You are. You’re fighting a Two-Head.

It’s a tough fight the first time you face these double-headed bastards. I believe the first Two-Head has more health than the rest, but I cannot confirm. Either way, kill it. Kill it with a vengeance. Once you’ve beaten the Two-Head, you’ll continue riding the tunnel platform to the Arcas Colony. When you get off the platform, there’s a short path to a door that will end the chapter. Right before the door are Arden Jeddha’s body and implant bio.


We’ve got boots inside Arcas Colony, shuttered for mysterious reasons 75 years ago. And we’re here to figure out what happened. There are five implant bios and tons of tricky enemy encounters nestled within the Colony chapter. There’s another Two-Head fight, plenty of the Blinded, and you’ll meet your first dark version of the Biophage. But if you do everything just as you should, you’ll walk out of Arcas, finally ready to leave Callisto.

Alex Wang

alex wang
Image by Victor Espinosa

You don’t even have to walk anywhere and Alex Wang’s body will be in sight. It’s to the left of where you start the chapter. Easy peasy.

Derryn Barr

derryn barr
Image by Victor Espinosa

Once you’re in Midtown of Arcas, you’re in the thick of it. Blinded, Standard, and Chubby Infected will pop out of air vents whenever they feel like it to catch you off guard. There is no chill in this level. When you find Midtown, climb the ladder to the second floor. You’ll find a green, unlocked door on the left side. If you sneak in, you’ll find a Blinded chilling over a corpse. Take out the Blinded and grab Derryn Barr’s bio.

Yannick Sage

yannick sage
Image by Victor Espinosa

Did you kick another Two-Head’s ass? Look at you, killer.

Head into the security office you just unlocked and activate the elevator. Take the elevator up, and you’ll find Yannick Sage’s body chilling right outside the doors.

Buidhe Reddwork

buidhe reddwork
Image by Victor Espinosa

Continuing through the ruins of Arcas’ bustling town center, you’ll come to a room with a stairway at the end. A Standard Infected usually appears and runs down the stairs, leaps through the window, and charges you. Head up the stairs–after dealing with the Infected–and go left when you reach the top. You’ll have to navigate through a few rooms, but at the end, you’ll find Buidhe Reddwork’s implant.

Ji-Kwan Park

ji-kwan park
Image by Victor Espinosa

Progress through the story until you enter the kid’s room with the Callisto theme song playing and little stars on the walls. Pick up the gate fuse, kill everything that spawns on your path, and make your way to the gate. After you open the door, there will be a Reforge station on your right and Ji-Kwan’s body on your left.

You Did It! Sort of!

That is every implant bio in the game and then some. For some reason, other guides don’t count Dr. Mahler’s, Dani Nakamura’s, or Elias Porter’s bios as part of their list. Others don’t make the list either, like Warden Cole or Max, but that means there are empty spots in your directory.

While this list doesn’t get you every audio and data log in the game, I’m guessing you went ahead and picked up any you found along the way. This means you’re pretty damn close to getting that Grim Reaper trophy for every collectible in the game.

Don’t stop now. There is a total of 43 collectibles; with this guide, you now have at least 27. You’re more than halfway there.


Question: How many Secret Rooms are there?

Answer: There are two Secret Rooms in total throughout Callisto. The first is in Aftermath, and I outlined it above. The second is in Below, and it features an already obtained character. I’m not saying don’t get it; you should totally get it. But since we already unlocked that character, I excluded it from the list.

Question: Can I go back and get the data and audio logs?

Answer: Hell yes, you can. I encourage it. The saving system for Callisto is both a blessing and a curse. The game does auto-save continuously throughout the journey, so you don’t need to rely on wall-mounted save systems like in Dead Space. You can also manually save whenever you like. Keeping track of all your saves is not intuitive, however. Just be sure to save at the beginning of every chapter–the game doesn’t do it for you–so you can go back and replay any chapter where you’re missing a collectible.

Question: What’s the hardest implant bio to get in the game?

Answer: There isn’t one specific bio that stands out as harder than any others. There aren’t any hidden behind optional bosses if that’s on your mind. I’d have to say the logs hidden inside the Secret Rooms are the hardest. They can be easy to miss, even when you’re exploring, trying to find everything.


callisto's ending
Image by Victor Espinosa

You have just run through The Callisto Protocol and filled out every space in your directory. There are no blank profiles and no mysteries for you. And if you were paying attention throughout the story, I’m betting you picked up most other logs as you went. This means you have a nearly complete picture of the events that led to The Callisto Protocol, and you know everything that happened within Black Iron during the outbreak.

If you’re looking for more challenges, go back and try to beat the game on Maximum Security difficulty. It won’t be nearly as difficult as Dead Space’s Hardcore difficulty, but it’ll scratch that masochistic itch you have.

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