Resident Evil 7 Coins Guide

Resident Evil 7 Coins Guide

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard returns to the series’ roots with an eerie survival horror experience that will haunt you long after finishing. It has versatile collectibles to be found, and chances are you won’t be able to collect them all in a single playthrough without a guide.

I’m here to show you the ropes and get you through the game with all the Antique coins to unlock unique rewards and a sense of accomplishment.

Most importantly, you have the opportunity to enhance your stats and weapons, so these coins shouldn’t be overlooked. You’ll get some naturally by playing because many are in plain sight, but some are missable.

If you want to get the platinum, then this is necessary. The Resident Evil community enjoyed this refreshing nostalgic game when it hit the scene because it seemed like the long-running series was taking a bold action route that couldn’t be reversed.

However, fans received an unexpected U-turn with Biohazard and enjoyed the heart-pounding thrills of ominous enemies, grotesque bosses, and exciting items to discover around every corner! The antique coins have a unique artistic design and give a sense of satisfaction while taking the extra time to find them.

It’s easy to miss certain collectibles when playing because you’re trying to get through the horrors of the Bakers fueled by a parasitic mold infestation. Your grandparents have probably shown you their coin collection at some point and taught you the value of persistence and meticulous gathering.

Antique coins are gratifying and profitable while collecting in Resident Evil 7, just as coin collecting is in real life. Let’s ensure you aren’t missing any coins by the end of your playthrough!

Bottom Line Up Front

Biohazard’s antique coins are the most notable of the collectibles, and they can be found scattered throughout the world. Be advised that some of the coin locations might contain spoilers. Some are easier to locate and access, while others take more effort.

You can find a set of eighteen antique coins throughout the easy and normal mode, which are found in the same spots. However, the madhouse difficulty setting will change the locations with new unique places to collect them. Many of them are easy to miss and can’t be retrieved after you pass certain areas, so it’s best to follow this Resident Evil 7 Coins guide. 

What You Gain from Collecting Antique Coins

What You Gain from Collecting Antique Coins

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has a host of collectibles that are aesthetically interesting and worthy of your time and effort with in-game rewards. The primary purpose of collecting these coins is to trade them for items, new powerful weapons, and achievements towards the platinum trophy.

If you’re playing madhouse difficulty, collecting them will help you by giving you some extra firepower and resources. Remember that if you get killed after collecting a coin(s), you’ll need to recollect if you didn’t save the game. The main unlockables you can trade for coins are:

  • Steroids(3 Antique Coins) Permanently increase your maximum health.
  • Stabilizer(5 Antique Coins) Permanently increases reload speed for all weapons.
  • .44 Magnum (9 Antique Coins) A potent classic weapon that makes quick work of bosses but is the most difficult to obtain.

Locations of Coin Unlockables

Steroids Locations

  • Within the trailer birdcage in the front yard after leaving the Baker house
  • The Drawing room within a false rock resting on the fireplace(Accessible after you discover the treasure photo located in the processing room)
  • The first lab room in the Salt Mines is located behind two boarded bathrooms
  • Next to the barn, there’s a small storage room at the bottom of a locked trapped with trip mines

Stabilizer Locations

  • In the birdcage inside the yard trailer
  • Locked chest in the yard that requires a puzzle to unlock(Attain the toy axe from the attic and arrange it to “7” to open and get the stabilizer

.44 Magnum Location

  • Inside the Yard trailer within an unlockable bird cage

Biohazard from Collecting Coins

Biohazard from Collecting Coins

  • Pelicans In Your Pocket(Collect all antique coins in Easy & Normal difficulty)
  • Mad Pelicans(Collect all antique coins in Madhouse Difficulty)

The Defense Coin

You’ll automatically be granted the defense coin if you have pre-purchased the DLC known as the “Defense Coin & Madhouse Mode Unlock” pack. It passively increases your defense and will be available in your inventory after redeeming the code and starting your playthrough.

The Iron Defense Coin

The Iron Defense coin is unique and can only be found in madhouse difficulty. It contains a passive effect whereby it activates by having it in your inventory. As the name implies, it increases Ethan’s defense and costs seven regular coins with the ox statuette to unlock.

It is located in an unlockable bird cage. Madhouse difficulty means that damage is more severe, so you’ll want to have this on hand if possible. Yes, it will cause you to lose some inventory space, but sacrifices must be made to make this journey easier.

Keep in mind that Jack is much quicker when pursuing you during madhouse mode. This is terrifying, but you’ll feel much safer when you can absorb more damage with the Iron Defense coin.

There are plenty of regular coins to pick up that will allow you to purchase this and not miss out on other needed enhancements. Trust me, you need the Iron Defense coin, and I highly advise you to sacrifice the inventory space for it at all times.

You’re already at a disadvantage when playing the dreaded madhouse mode. Expect to die a lot with or without the Iron Defense Coin, but it certainly will help the psyche if you die less. The increased defense gives you more resistance to losing your mind in the madhouse of Resident Evil 7!

The Assault Coin

The Assault Coin is another unique stat-altering coin found only in madhouse difficulty. You can increase Ethan’s base attack power for the price of one block of inventory space. Place it in your inventory to unlock the stat enhancements.

It’s found in the same spot as the iron defense coin. In a mode where the bosses and enemies are more brutal with randomized locations, you need to be ready to deal with every threat in your path aggressively.

The assault coin will make things more like normal mode when progressing, but it will still be challenging. Don’t shy away from this much-needed resource in this ridiculous game mode with limited saves and scarce checkpoints.

Defense is essential, but the attack is even more so because even regular enemies become a daunting threat. Buying this coin will ensure you don’t have to replay tedious parts often and will give you a collectible worth keeping!

Antique Coins in Easy & Normal Difficulty

Antique Coins in Easy & Normal Difficulty

The following are the locations of all 18 coins throughout the Easy & Normal settings. In my experience, it’s hard to find them all without help.

Either you’ll be too distracted by the unsightly horrors of the Baker home, or you won’t be able to figure out certain coin conundrums. Follow along in order will save you time and energy so you can get through quickly and not have it spoil your experience.

The Resident Evil series has always been known for having tricky puzzles with hidden collectibles, and the Antique coins are no exception. You don’t have to trade them in at the initial locations as you collect them because you get a final chance to trade when you reach the entrance to the salt mines.

This is your last chance to exchange antique coins and collect your spoils! It’s about personal preference regarding which unlocking method you wish to pursue. I prefer to get it over with, so you can benefit earlier from the weapons and stat upgrades.

Unlocking earlier makes more daunting boss battles before the salt mines more manageable. The last location is just there in case you forgot to use your coins earlier.

Antique Coin #1

During the Derelict house footage sequence, you must take steps backward to acquire the lockpick on the ground. You must enter the guest house and utilize the lock pick to access the kitchen drawer.

Upon completing the videotape, you’ll want to return to the kitchen. Skip making a sandwich, especially after seeing how the Bakers eat and open the same unlocked drawer from the tape to discover the first antique coin!

Antique Coin #2

When Jack starts to chase you maniacally, it can be somewhat disorienting at first, and you might overlook this antique coin if you aren’t careful. Expediently locate the hatch key in the east hallway.

You’ll notice a hatch in the pantry that leads to a secret underground passage. Look for a riding lawnmower; the second antique coin is on top of it.

Antique Coin #3

When you complete the fear-inducing garage battle, collecting coins is the last thing on your mind. Nevertheless, gain your composure and take the ox statuette that gets you into the main hall. If you trail along the wall in this location, you’ll notice a drawer in the northeastern corner to open, which reveals antique coin number three.

Antique Coin #4

When you reach the second floor, you’ll find yourself in the recreation room coming from the southern entrance, and it will be located on a shelf next to a Mr. Everything collectible in the basket. This one is hard to miss.

Antique Coin #5

If you’re in the recreation room, head west until you come across a bathroom. You guessed right. It’s time to scrounge the toilet for your filthy antique coin. If you’re a germaphobe, you’ll want to trade this one in ASAP.

Antique Coin #6

When you reach the drawing room, use the west door to access a spot right before you enter the monitoring room. There’s an ashtray on the table that contains the sixth antique coin. 

Antique Coin #7

Antique Coin #7

When you reach the basement processing area, you’ll want to travel west past the incinerator room door and forcefully pry open the room divider. If you look to your left, there’s a wooden pallet against the wall with a hole in the wall that screams, “Hidden collectible here!” Sure enough, you’ll discover antique coin seven inside the hole.

Antique Coin #8

The first time you stumble into the yard from the main house’s back door is a relieving feeling after being trapped with the insane Baker family. When you step off the porch, turn right, and notice a planter next to the steps with a coin eight. Note that there’s also the first repair kit in the area so remember to pick that gem up too.

Antique Coin #9

This is perhaps the most transparently located antique coin in the game. When you reach the safe trailer room, it’s conveniently located on the table next to the birdcage with the Magnum inside. See, sometimes Resident Evil 7 gives you a break from collectible complexities!

Antique Coin #10

When you reach the dining room, take the passageway that leads to the cellar. A cart with another easily accessible antique coin will be waiting for you to collect. This is right before the cellar door so snag it before you enter the horrors lurking beneath. 

Antique Coin #11

When you obtain the crank key item, go to the boardwalk where you previously received the burner nozzle and set fire to the pesky insect nest. This frees you to utilize the crank that will raise the northern bridge.

Follow it until you reach an outhouse with yet another antique coin on a toilet you can’t miss. There is also a crow key you’ll want to pick up while you’re there. 

Antique Coin #12

Antique Coin #12

On the second floor, there is a door with a scale attached. The chest with drawers located in the corner will yield another antique coin for your growing collection.

Antique Coin #13

When on the first floor, check your map for the unique western room in the corner with a few dangerous tripwire bombs. Of course, you’ll want to disarm these first unless you’re a masochist. There is a table drawer that has your thirteenth coin. Note another “steroids” stat booster is located here as well.

Antique Coin #14

When you eradicate the bloated moldy enemy, you’ll inevitably take the elevator to the second floor again. Remember the rest area with the charming burnt corpse inside? Outside, antique coin number fourteen is located on a wall shelf.

Antique Coin #15

When you reach the wrecked ship, the sequence will start on the third floor, but the antique coin you need is on the first. When you come across the office, drop down after the cutscene through the hatch. When you reach the first fork while crawling through, take a right, and the coin will be at the end. It turns out this ship had some lost treasure after all!

Antique Coin #16

When making your way through the crawlspace, you’ll eventually emerge on the second floor of the ship. Take the ladder to the first floor, and you’ll land in a small pool. Located in the northwestern section of the water is another antique coin next to a plant.

Antique Coin #17

On the third floor, you’ll notice a locked toolbox a short distance from the elevator shaft. If you haven’t already, go PICK up the lockpick on the second floor, pun intended. Next, you’ll need to solve the painting puzzle in the second-floor lounge.

Go from the dining room into the northeastern room through the ladder access. After climbing, you’ll observe an orange box with the lockpick inside. Pick it up, head back to the third-floor control room from earlier, and use it to pick up antique coin number seventeen.

Antique Coin #18

Antique Coin #18

There is a fat molded enemy you’ll battle on the second floor of the wrecked ship, and from there, you’ll enter a hallway with a box on the wall. This can only be accessed through corrosives, so use them to eat through the chest and obtain your final antique coin!

Antique Coins In Madhouse Difficulty

Madhouse difficulty in Resident Evil 7 is not for the beginner and will drive even the most experienced players insane with fresh brutal challenges.

Most games have the collectibles in the same spot for more complex difficulties, but Biohazard is different, with many of the Antique coins dispersed differently. There are also more coins to collect in this mode, with a total of thirty-three.

Resident Evil is well-known for containing occult themes. Fun fact, thirty-three is a significant occult number considered the “master number” and key to immortality and enlightenment.

So if you want to live forever, you better collect all coins for a smoother playthrough. I’m happy to give you some relief by revealing the locations of all antique coins so you can retain a semblance of sanity in this haunting madhouse!

Antique Coin #1

Collect the derelict house footage VHS tape when you arrive at the guest house. From there, you play it on the TV and first pick up the lock pick on the ground. Take that exact pick inside the kitchen and unlock the drawer.

Now return to the kitchen as Ethan and the drawer will be opened to get your first antique coin. This one is the same as the normal mode. 

Antique Coin #2

Antique coin 2 is located in the Main House in the vase next to the empty TV stand.

Antique Coin #3

After defeating Jack in the cramped garage, climb the ladder and take a left to locate the third antique coin on the shelf.

Antique Coin #4

There is a distinct bronze door that leads into the main hall. If you turn left after entering, open the drawer next to a cabinet to collect antique coin number four.

Antique Coin #5

Antique Coin #5

To obtain this coin, you must access the second floor of the main Baker house. Once you reach the recreation room, keep an eye out for a smaller vase right next to the scorpion door. Examine the vase from the top, and you’ll discover antique coin number five.

Antique Coin #6

On the second floor, you’ll notice some stairs that have been destroyed. There is a subtle painting against the wall, and antique coin number six is located behind this artwork.

Antique Coin #7

When you complete the shadow puzzle, you can find another antique coin in the drawing room toilet. You can now wash your hands of this germy location.

Antique Coin #8

You’ll discover the eighth antique coin underneath a gurney within a plate when you get to the incinerator room.

Antique Coin #9

There is a snake door within the processing area, and there is a metal trolley with your ninth antique coin on top of it.

Antique Coin #10

When you get to the dissection room, there will be a cardboard box across from the deputy with coin number ten ready to pick up.

Antique Coin #11

Antique Coin #11

In the yard, there is a maneuverable piece of metal. Move it to enter the crawlspace and travel to the end, where there is another antique coin.

Antique Coin #12

When you reach the old house, this is the first coin you’ll pick up. After you leave the dining room, enter the deck and to your left is antique coin number twelve.

Antique Coin #13

In the old house, find the gallery and observe the bottom shelf on the table to find antique coin number thirteen. I promise this isn’t an unlucky coin.

Antique Coin #14

When you complete the old house shadow puzzle, traverse the passage and glance to the left to spot antique coin number fourteen on the wooden planks.

Antique Coin #15

On the second floor of the old house, find the room with a lantern-scale lock. This room also has a coin in the location. It’s on top of a dresser drawer.

Antique Coin #16

When you travel from the old house to the greenhouse, you’ll notice another antique coin after you emerge from the well and turn around. It’s in plain sight but can be missed if you aren’t meticulous.

Antique Coin #17

Don’t worry about this antique coin until Margeurite is defeated within the greenhouse. The coin is located on a bench when the gate crumbles.

Antique Coin #18

Go to the main house and find the drawing room, which is connected to a supply room. This is where you’ll discover antique coin number eighteen, but you need the crow key to get it. In normal mode, you’ll remember that this is the traditional location for the grenade launcher. In madhouse mode, it’s replaced with the eighteenth antique coin.

Antique Coin #19

Access the main house attic through the ladder and then turn around to discover another antique coin on the shelves. Look for a wooden axe near there.

Antique Coin #20

Antique Coin #20

When you come across the testing area, you will find an antique coin in the first room behind the TV.

Antique Coin #21

Another coin is found in the testing area when you find the first breakable crate. After turning left, you should see a mannequin. Search the corner, and you’ll find antique coin number twenty-one.

Antique Coin #22

Yet another coin is discoverable in the testing area when you travel towards the keypad room. Before you get here, keep going forward until you reach a dead end. The antique coin will be lying on the ground to swipe.

Antique Coin #23

The testing area has a long hallway that takes you to the main barn. When you reach the end, there’s a room with multiple bombs. Search the drawer on the top left, which contains an antique coin.

Antique Coin #24

In the testing area, when you notice the burned corpse with the keypad, that’s your signal to look out for the next coin located right after on a shelf.

Antique Coin #25

When you get to the wrecked ship, Eveline will scream at you. From there, you take a right into the laundry room and trail down to the washing machine that’s furthest away. Within, you’ll find antique coin number twenty-five.

Antique Coin #26

When you’re on the fourth floor of the wrecked ship, you’ll see a stairwell close to the bridge. Right after you climb up the downed elevator the first time, you’ll find antique coin number twenty-six.

Antique Coin #27

On the second floor of the wrecked ship, there is a safe room. Just outside is another antique coin on the hallway table in plain sight.

Antique Coin #28

Antique Coin #28

Locate the break room on the second floor of the wrecked ship. There is a cart with another vase that can be examined to discover your next antique coin.

Antique Coin #29

Go to the third floor of the wrecked ship and utilize corrosives to melt through the locked door in the control room. Keep traversing down the hallway, and you’ll discover the coin on the corner guardrail.

Antique Coin #30

You are almost done. Go to the second floor of the wrecked ship and move along the hallway right before the No. 1 engine room. Open your map and pinpoint the top-right corner, where you’ll find antique coin number thirty.

Antique Coin #31

A corrosive safe on the second floor of the wrecked ship needs melting right after you pass the engine room to reveal another coin to pick up.

Antique Coin #32

When retaking control of Ethan, go through the door and take a right to find another antique coin on the desk.

Antique Coin #33

The last antique coin is located in the swamp. Keep going until you reach the log and leap over it. Stay to the right side moving forward, and you’ll find the last antique coin near plants.


Question: How Many Antique Coins Can You Collect in Resident Evil 7?

Answer: Easy and Normal modes have eighteen antique coins to collect, and madhouse mode has thirty-three. Collectively, there are fifty-one coins to collect in Biohazard. madhouse has more coins with mostly different locations. Obviously, the developers considerately made antique coins more abundant in madhouse to take the edge off and make things bearable.

Question: How Many Playthroughs does it Take to Get All Antique Coins?

Answer: It only takes one playthrough to get the 18 coins in easy or hard mode. However, it will take a minimum of two playthroughs if you want to collect all antique coins in the game. 

Question: Is it Challenging to Collect the Coins in Resident Evil 7?

Answer: Some of the coins can be tricky if you don’t have prior information about where they’re located, but it’s not bad for the most part. Theoretically, if you were very thorough, you could get them all without a guide, but it’s better to follow along to gain assurance.

Question: Is Collecting All the Antique Coins Worth the Trouble?

Answer: It’s definitely worth your time to collect all the antique coins because they are much more than just collectibles. You exchange them for weapons, upgrades, and items in Resident Evil 7. One of the past times has always been discovering various collectibles and enjoying the additional easter eggs.

These are All the Coins in Resident Evil 7!

All the Coins in Resident Evil 7!

Congratulations, you have successfully collected all the antique coins in Resident Evil 7! I know it has been a challenging road, especially enduring through the madhouse difficulty.

The Baker family has given you some nightmares along the way, but it’s not without rewarding keepsakes. However, you’ll want to trade them to pick up your hard-earned prizes.

My favorite was the classic .44 Mangum, which makes you feel much safer. If you aren’t going for all the coins, I advise that you prioritize saving for that above the other unlockables. It’s a much-needed security blanket in the madhouse difficulty, and the normal mode is challenging too.

Antique coins can be found in numerous creative locations, and now you have the proper knowledge to pursue them confidently without missing any. Increasing your base health and reload speed is advantageous because it reduces panic in unrelenting boss engagements.

The Magnum will decimate the standard enemies and can be overkill, so I always save up ammo for the moments that count. Opening those previously locked cages is highly satisfying and gives you an edge against the festering mold infection of the Baker house and beyond.

They are necessary for a more fulfilling Biohazard experience and significantly boost your arsenal!

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