Daniel Medina

Daniel is an avid contributor that enjoys spending his days searching for logs to build a fort within The Forest. When he's not doing his best to stay alive in the latest survival horror game, he enjoys watching the latest anime. Anything from Trigger is always a plus but he'll give anything the three-episode test. He also enjoys having intense game nights with his friends. Their rotation usually includes Pandemic Season 0, Mage Knight, Flux, and sometimes the good old tabletop RPG adventure. You can find him on Twitch @ Retromorii!

The Forest Mutants Guide

The Forest Mutants Guide

The Forest is an open-world survival game that throws players into an island filled with mutants, cannibals, and the abandoned suitcases of all the victims of the tragic plane crash that landed you at the island in the first place. Thankfully, you’re not the only survivor. Your son also survived the crash, but unfortunately, as you come …

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