Daniel Meierer

Dan is our VR survival specialist that can't accept the normal threat levels of traditional gameplay. He needs full immersion before he can truly connect to the grotesque situations a survival game can offer. So with a headset equipped he fights the elements and the inevitable waves of monsters, all just to survive a little longer. When he is not immersed in the digital world you can usually find Daniel writing fiction, watching fiction, and going by some whispers, somehow eating fiction under the pseudonym of Dok Boots.

Ark: Survival Evolved Review

Ark: Survival Evolved Review – Why It’s A Game That Made Me Rage

Welcome, to the island of Jurassic… No, wait, the Island of Ark: Survival Evolved! You must forgive me for the mistake. ARK is a survival game that traps you on an island that has become the natural habitat for several prehistoric and mythical beasts that could once only terrorize your nightmares. How well does it

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Astroneer Review

Astroneer Review

Astroneer has a vast pool of champions to contest within the Action/Adventure Survival genre. A genre full of crafting, base building, resources, and exploration will require some innovation if it wants to stand out, so how does Astroneer hold up to a review by a meticulous muse? The Survival genre is a varied one, but

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