Aaron Van Dyck

Aaron has been writing since he was just a kid, and got his start writing thriller novels with a survivalist spin. A lifelong gamer with a love for spending time in the untamed wilds, Aaron is also an avid urban explorer and spelunker, and enjoys spending time underground just as much as the open air. Thanks to his love for the outdoors, survival and open world games have always had a natural appeal for Aaron. He also loves RPGs, shooters, and action games. Anything with a good story to tell, a fantastic world to explore, or a dangerous locale to build a cozy cabin.

Lost River Subnautica Guide

Lost River Subnautica Guide: Not All who Wander are Dead

Depth 500-1200m Resources Gold Magnetite Lead Lithium Nickel Ruby Silver Diamond Gel Sacks Quartz Titanium Uraninite Copper Sulfur Acid Mushroom Deep Shroom Table Coral Threats Ghost Leviathans (Juvenile) River Prowlers Blood Crawlers Warpers Bleeders Mesmers Crabsquids Brine Pools Points of Interest Boneyards Ghost Forest Disease Research Facility Lost River Lab Lost River Gate Entrances to […]

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